Apparel Decoration

Change. It's all around us.

Decorating options have changed and advanced, from "screens and paint" of years gone by to full color digital printing that dyes the fabric, and everything in between.

There's also been an influx of new materials, from new yarning techniques to new blends.

Our goal is simple:

To use the best decorating process for the item being decorated at the best, fairest price as quick as possible without sacrificing quality".

  • Digital Printing, to both the garment (DTG – Direct-To-Garment) and a specialized film (Direct-To-Film), depending on the type of fabric to be decorated.
  • Dye sublimation for performance fabrics.
  • New-age films, vinyls, transfers and applique’s (these are not your grandmother’s iron on transfers!).
  • Foils.
  • Embossing and debossing.
  • Puff ink.
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