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 The last 2+ years aside, just like you, we’ve seen and experienced change.

And we continue to see and experience the ongoing changes in the merchandise market, from apparel (new, softer fabrics, new performance fabrics, blends, etc.) to new embellishment/decorating techniques specifically designed to accommodate today's fabrics and other substrates ... new products that simply can't be decorated “the old way”.

Analyze.  Adapt.  Implement.  Overcome.

Advances in decorating techniques expand options - not only on new products, but allows us to decorate products that were a no-go just a few years ago because of MOQ's (minimum order quantities).

We still offer traditional screen printing and embroidery, but with newer digital capabilities, there are no set up fees, colors are unlimited, details unparalleled and, a the biggest benefit? Minimums are a thing of the past. (There are some limitations to that, but virtually all apparel has no minimums.)

Our Decorating Processes

  • Digital Printing, to both the garment (DTG – Direct-To-Garment) and a specialized film (Direct-To-Film), depending on the type of fabric to be decorated.
  • Embroidery
  • Laser Etching
  • Dye sublimation for performance fabrics.
  • New-age films, vinyl, transfers and applique’s (these are not your grandmother’s iron on transfers!).
  • Foils.
  • Embossing and debossing.
  • Puff embroidery and appliques.
  • Laser etching.

So, what can you take from all this?

That we select the most suitable printing technique, taking into consideration the design (colors, complexity, details, etc.) along with the item you want, quantity and imprint locations, to select the best process to get your message out with the highest quality at the best value.

Our Other Services

    • Fulfillment
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design

    We'd love to talk with you and see if we can help you express yourself and your brand.

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