Small Business Merchandising Program

Your Own Branded Merchandise

Zero Inventory ~ Zero Up Front Costs ~ Zero Risk

Sell your existing swag too!

Drive New Business, Recapture Old

    The “Low-Down”

    We’ve introduced the Small Business Merchandising Program, designed to help small businesses brand and market their business, product or service.


    To help you generate additional revenue, and profits, with no upfront costs and no inventory to worry about (unless you want to ... ).

    We've put together an innovative cost free branding and marketing program that can not only pay for itself, but have a positive affect on your bottom line!

    How We Do It - "P.O.D."

    We print a vast majority of all orders “On Demand” - we don't print it until it's ordered. Don't worry, if you need bulk tees (check out our Bulk Tee Program!) or company uniforms, etc., we can help you there too.

    This process basically makes in-house inventory control of your apparel and other items a thing of the past.

    BUT ... if you need or want to keep some inventory on hand, with no minimums, you can order as few as you want (or need), and mix-and-match sizes, colors and fabrics!

    Promotional benefits:

    • Use the online receipt as a Coupon
    • Add a “Call To Action” to your customer receipt
    • Promote upcoming events and special offers

    How it Works

    • Process orders daily
    • Print
    • Fulfill
    • Ship (orders ship in 5 – 7 business days on average)
    • Send your funds the first week of every month via EFT (Bank-to-bank, PayPal, Venmo or cashier’s/certified check).

    We “Print-On-Demand” (P.O.D.), and use the best decoration process for the item being decorated. Whether it’s the latest in Direct To Garment (DTG), Direct To Film (DTF), vinyl or dye sublimation technology, our goal is to provide you and our customers long lasting full color imprints.

    For embroidery, we use a commercial grade embroidery machine with 15 needles to allow for a variety of colors.

    Our Decorating Processes

    We currently offer DTG (Direct To Garment) and DTF (Direct To Film) printing, embroidery, direct and indirect screen printing, dye sublimation, and vinyl, as well as embroidery and patches. We use the best decorating process for the item being decorated for the best quality and value.

    “Mix & Match” Your Collection – Choose “6 From 4”

    You can choose up to 6 products from 4 product categories, and use 2 different logo’s or designs and decorate most items in up to 4 locations. Please note – size and color limitations on specific items may apply.

    4 Categories
    1. Apparel
    2. Outerwear & Hats
    3. Drinkware
    4. Accessories

    Product-wise, you can mix and match tees for men, women and kids, long sleeve and short, with a hat and a tumbler, … you get the idea.

    Sell Your Existing Swag

    If you are currently sitting on pre-printed, branded swag, we can help drive customers through the door! (note: Terms & Conditions apply and we do charge a listing fee)

    We’ll upload the merch you have and sell them online; your customers will have the option to choose normal shipping options or "onsite Pickup". Add a discount/coupon to the receipt, and you’ve got a great opportunity to generate additional revenue. And profit.

    Marketing & Promotion

    We’ll promote you as part of our marketing efforts to market and promote via Facebook, Instagram and and our email marketing programs.

    We’ll also provide you with a free QR code for your Collection, which you can use however you want. We can also work with you and provide table tents, flyers, posters or whatever you may need to help promote your business.


    Ahhh, last, but not least (actually the most important) - the money! At the end of each month, we provide you with an Orders Report, summarizing what was bought, by who, along with a total of what you earned.

    All money earned/raised is paid out via EFT by the 15th of the following month.

    Please don't hesitate to Contact Us for additional information, or sign up here.